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Quick note and a design update

Last year was my most productive yet here on my blog. It’s an all too common case that I stop posting things when I grow tired of the site design. The last one, thusly, was quite an achievement: it carried me for more than a year. Still, my later silence meant it was time to shuffle things around a little — if anything, just in the name of movement.

I also have to acknowledge that sometime in the past few years I stopped thinking of new designs and instead began to embrace the fact that I’ll be constantly iterating on my website for as long as I have it. Even this iteration is but a refinement of what I already had in place — same navigation, same content structure, same pieces. I’ve paid more attention to the typography this time (using Dolly, a favourite of mine) and kept the Tonesque integration, which I like a lot. (Images and illustrations are a part of who I am, so I just embrace that even more with this design.)

Now that my disdain with the old design is relieved, I have quite a few posts and pictures on the drafting board that I want to publish. It’s been a good year so far.

Espejismo is a 30 seconds short film created by my two brothers with some friends, and with Belén doing the acting role. Check it out — it turned out well and was selected to participate on a film festival in Madrid. They all travelled there back in June and I joined them right after an Automattic meetup in Saratoga Springs. We took the opportunity to have a short vacation together in Spain and southern France after the festival.

A hallmark of the journey for me was visiting the Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida with frescoes by Goya. We were also quite delighted by the impressive landscapes near and around Carcassonne.

Firenze and its hills

After the quick visit to Verona I went to Florence for the Automattic Theme Team meetup. We didn’t stay in the city itself, but in a villa in the surrounding hills. Needless to say it was mesmerizing — specially recognizing those Renaissance landscapes so vividly recorded on the paintings from the masters of yore.

Driving there was a bit of an odyssey, but a fun one nonetheless. The place we stayed at was built mostly with stone. We spent our time between the house and the restaurants at the small localities near us. One of the days we made a proper visit to Florence, in which we went to the Uffizi gallery, a long time item on my list of places to visit. Unfortunately, the Adoration of the Magi was removed for some restoration work, so I missed that one this time.

I redesign this place more often
than I write on it.