Cenizas Blancas


Cenizas Blancas (White Ashes) is a project I began writing in 2008 and filmed during 2009-2010. It’s a personal project that I’m still working on.

It evolved from a photograph into the story of two characters. This works crystalizes several of my interests in cinema, a maturity in the misce en scene and the cinematography. It touches on subjects I hold very dear, like the escence of art, the tension between our desires and the conflicts we carry with us.

The slow process from inception to whenever it’s concluded has allowed its core idea to rest and fill gaps I hadn’t initially anticipated. It’s a work that has taken time, but I believe has become better because of it. The distance has refined it, has made the important parts more apparent, the defects easier to remove, and has matured alongside my understanding of it.