Béla Tarr: Workshop

This page is meant to give a general view on some of my interests, sensibilities and projects that I considered relevant to show as part of my application. Thank you for taking the time to look at it. See Filmography or IMDb profile

These are some unfinished fragments from the film I have been working on for the past eight years, named Cenizas Blancas (“White Ashes”), as well as some of my photography and drawings. The film is about a girl who commits suicide by falling off a building and a photographer who is disillusioned with his art as he believes it incapable of capturing life. The photographer encounters the tragic event of the girl and is moved to take a picture of it. The movie develops around the photograph he takes and the connection these two people make through it.

The first fragment includes a sequence that is part of the beginning of the film with the photographer on a misty morning burning a photograph.

The second fragment is further into the film. The same character is taking pictures of the sea.

The third sequence, in the latter part of the film, follows the girl character in a rooftop overviewing the city, from which she jumps.

Finally, the last two sequences are during the moment where the characters connect.