Work / Calypso


Product engineer and designer on, run by Automattic. Member of the Calypso core team. It serves more than 15.8 billion pages a month. The open source project currently powers 24% of the web.

I was part of the team that began working in the Calypso project in 2014 all the way until its release. You can read more about it in my post On the road to Calypso. Editor


Worked on the development and design of the new editor, created entirely in JavaScript and launched in November 2015. It was made in Calypso and powers the desktop application experience.

Twenty Eleven Theme


In 2011, my friend and colleague Ian Stewart and I created a theme called Duster. That theme later evolved into Twenty Eleven, the default WordPress theme for that same year. The theme has been used by millions of people.



During hack day — a day devoted to trying things and exploring ideas at Automattic — I created Tonesque, a script that allows you to get an average color representation from an image. It’s inspired by the Duotone theme, but I wanted to make something much easier to integrate with any theme. It also uses a bit of a different color processing logic. You may see it in action in my pictures stream.

Tonesque has since become a part of the Jetpack plugin. It was also used in the Ryu theme by my friend Takashi Irie.

THX (WordPress core theme experience)


During the 3.8 development cycle of the WordPress open source project, I was able to contribute a significant redesign and re-architecture (using JavaScript technologies) of the theme browsing experience in the admin interface — labeled THX for Theme Experience.

I lead the project form its start to the inclusion in WordPress core. During the 3.9 release I also finished the theme install section which was the basis for the revamped theme browser.

Tiled Galleries – Jetpack


With a small team at one of the Automattic grand meetups we created a plugin called Tiled Galleries that presents your images as a nice mosaic without any effort from the user. The project is now part of the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. I currently use it to power my photography section. Theme Showcase


As part of the Theme and Custom teams in Automattic I worked on the different iterations of the theme showcase since its inception in 2010 until 2013.

Infinite Scroll – Jetpack


I worked on the Infinite Scroll project that launched with themes first and later became part of Jetpack.

Colors Tool


The colors tool for the customizer that comes with the Custom Design upgrade in

Dodecá Foundation


Developed and designed all the incarnations of the Dodecá Foundation web presence, including the Cultural Center and the Film School.