I began making films when I was fifteen. Jaula 8 — a wordplay on the words “aula” and “jaula”, which stand for “classroom” and “jail” in Spanish — back in 2003 was my first work.

Since then I’ve worked as a director, writer, and editor in a bunch of short, medium length films, a couple documentaries, and a few feature films. Part of this work is listed on my IMDb page.

My films have won awards and participated in many international film festivals and art museum exhibitions.

Director and Writer

Cenizas Blancas

White ashes

Director and Writer

Dulces Candis

Sweet candies


Tan frágil como un segundo

So Frail as a Second


Un puente demasiado largo

A Bridge Too Long


Hasta que salga el sol

Until the Sun Rises


Ya pasó todo

It is all over


El pájaro de Comala

The Bird of Comala

Director and Writer

Jaula 8

Jailroom 8


Apart from directing, writing, editing, working on sound design and the music, I’ve also designed the posters for my films.

I’m currently working on a film called White Ashes, written and directed by me. This is a personal culmination of my aesthetic development and filmmaking technique. It’s been a long process that I hope to have finished soon. Here’s a teaser:

Filmography. I began making films in 2003. I started a film production group called Poetica Kino.

  • Jaula 8. (Jailroom 8)
    Fiction 15 min. Director, writer, editor and original music. Montevideo, 2003.
  • Máscaras II. (Masks II)
    Documentary 18 min. Director, writer, editor. Montevideo, 2005.
  • Un viaje por las Manos Limpias.
    Experimental short film on an art exhibition by Lacy Duarte. Montevideo, 2007.
  • Ya pasó todo.
    Fiction 21 min. Editor, color, effect. Montevideo, 2008.
  • El pájaro de Comala. (The bird of Comala)
    Fiction 30 min. Director, editor, color, effects. Montevideo, 2008.
  • Un puente demasiado largo. (A bridge too long)
    Documentary 88 min. Director, editor, original music. Montevideo, 2009.
  • Y los niños siguieron jugando.
    Fiction 11 min. Director, color, sound design. Montevideo, 2010.
  • Hasta que salga el sol. (Until the sun rises)
    Fiction 36 min. Director, editor. Montevideo, 2010.
  • Cenizas Blancas. (White Ashes)
    In post-production. Director, writer, editor.
  • Tan frágil como un segundo.
    Fiction 107 min. Editor, color. Montevideo 2014.