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A look into Calypso

A look into Calypso. Last June I spoke at WordCamp Europe in Vienna about Calypso; the JavaScript open source project that powers WordPress.com. The presentation was focused around how Calypso came to be, interesting under the hood tools we’ve developed to power a rich user experience and what lies ahead for the project.

The full talk is available to watch on WordPres.tv. Huge thanks to the organizing team for putting up a marvelous event on an incredible venue and stage, right in the Museumsquartier of Vienna.

Matías Ventura

Photo by Tammie Lister

Fellini sobre Picasso

self-portrait-1907Recorriendo hace un tiempo el museo Picasso en Barcelona recordé un comentario que Federico Fellini hizo acerca de Pablo Picasso y los artistas en relación a la libertad.

Picasso es un pintor total, absolutamente libre. Pero, paradójicamente, yo creo que para un artista la libertad total es peligrosa, en el sentido de que podría hacer hacer uso de ella, no para crear, sino para desperdiciar su propio talento creativo. Para mí, hace falta un tirano. Yo estaría de acuerdo con que existiera una autoridad estatal abstracta que me ordenase crear imágenes continua, incesantemente. — Fellini

Letter from Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo in 1883

Letter from Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo in 1883. These are deeply beautiful fragments from a great mind.

For myself I have a simple method, I go out into the open air and paint what strikes me, breathe the fragrant air of the heath deeply, and believe that after a while I shall become fresher, newer, better.

So, boy, do come and paint with me on the heath, in the potato field, come and walk with me behind the plough and the shepherd — come and sit with me, looking into the fire — let the storm that blows across the heath blow through you.

Break loose from your bonds. I do not know the future, in what way it might be different if everything should go smoothly with us, but I cannot speak differently: don’t seek it in Paris, don’t seek it in America; it is always the same, forever and ever exactly the same. Make a thorough change indeed, try the heath.

WordCamp Europe 2016

This week I will be speaking about Calypso at the WordCamp Europe 2016 conference in Vienna. The talk will go over some of the core development values that have driven the project from the start, about what it means to not be powered by any existing “framework”, and ultimately about how the community could make use of it for their own ideas.

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