A new tale on a past idea

Once again, time to move things around here and continue, with a renewed, dustless canvas, evolving a design that was started a while before. I have since removed most of the javascript but kept the direction initiated with the trilogue experiment intact, for the most part. The win being less time spent when navigating the different content sections and a more tight, balanced design. Also a brilliant excuse to work on hacking Toolbox yet again.

With this attempt, I strive to make the reading experience a tad more focused. I also got to redesign the picture gallery display with something more flexible and appealing —to me, naturally—, while still making use of WordPress core galleries.

The less friction towards content input should mean, theoretically, more content in the end; or perhaps better content. (That has proven to be a great value with the picture gallery, since it is quite easy to upload a new picture and populate that section without having to edit any code at all.)

Another point that encouraged this housekeeping was that the balance among javascript, CSS, and content was starting to feel constricted, impending further changes to the website. It was turning into a crystal tower for which any addition was a lure for catastrophes.

Note: If you have previously left a comment around here, my apologies on keeping it on the still-pending noria. That was in part due to the unfinished, precarious state of the respond section.