As in a pendulum

There is some kind of mesmerizing charm in the dawdled movement of a pendulum. The endless and profound tic-tac of there and back again. It was not an ideal state, as I reckoned, and I prefer this place to work as originally intended (sans comments). We have seen the arguments against comments; the struggle to keep up with what is said; the hierarchically organized symposium; the filtering of the good, the bad and the ugly; the dilution of interesting points of view… All these is clearly unacceptable, but above all lies the fact that you need time and space to write thoughtful pieces.

The ensuing thoughts should be allowed to breathe. You need the room to breathe. Comments do not breathe easily. In some publications the things someone could say in a brief comment do not necessarily matter for advancing the topic. If you dissent with the author you need to construct your ideas, polish them and present them. The medium conforms the message, always, so why not devote time –and space— to elaborate on a given topic?

So the pendulum is now again at the domain of horizontal discussions —conceived by the do it in your own sandbox and through the sand back here frame of mind. We all might imagine a place where beautifully crafted words take a stand to discuss honorably. And so this place is, again, shut to outlanders.