Review: Indy the fourth

This second and short text might appear to be a late call to those reading but —and this is what motivates this article— what a relief to be able to not fully regret your time lost (and money spent) in a cinema nowadays. The opening scene of this movie feels like fresh air into the over-saturated, dull and stiff tone of today’s Hollywood movies.

What is kind of sad though is that Spielberg has lost his capacity to suggest instead of merely show. One has to wonder whether he would have shown the ants devouring his characters in the previous trilogy, or would have made use of the off-screen space, in which the action that is happening is not showed directly but through another subject (as the eyes and expressions of a character viewing the scene and reacting to it). The completion occurs only in our heads. Imagination is always much more powerful, eager and pervert than most explicit images.

Spielberg himself has talked about the reasons behind not showing the shark in Shark due to technical limitations and the unbelievability of the shark–machine used at that time. One has to wonder then, should he get to shoot Shark again in these times, would he show what he so expressively suggested years ago?