Munich and Dresden

This year has been hectic travel wise. So hectic, in fact, that I haven’t had a chance to post any pictures or thoughts from the places I’ve visited. So I want to start remedying that — at least so I can keep a mental map of where I’ve been to. First, back in March, I went to Munich for a user experience conference. It was my first time there and I enjoyed the city quite a bit. We were staying fairly close to downtown so it was easy to get around walking.

During our last day, Sheri, Takashi and I found a nice and cozy café place located at the Literaturhaus around old town. We stayed there for a bit before venturing again into the city to wander around the historical locations, royal palaces, and Bavarian food.

After Munich I went for a quick visit to Dresden where I stayed for a couple days with Héctor Solari, a dear friend. I had visited Dresden in 2011 with Belén during the autumn season. At the time the woods were entirely scarlet, ochre, and yellow — now that it was winter everything was instead completely covered in snow.

Dresden is a very calm and enjoyable city, not very dense in population. Héctor and Sabine took me for a hike towards the mountains surrounding the city to enjoy the sight down the valleys of the river Elbe. That’s the exact area where the artist Caspar David Friedrich painted some of his landscapes while he was living in Dresden.