Laughing about the woebegone pawn

Once, I thought I did not want comments in the anals of my journal. I thought that, should someone wanted to read something here, they would just read it and leave. Any afterthought that might have sprung up on their minds could be shared with me by email, or what is better, written in another article on their own diaries. There are also many reasons why comments have graciously faded away into a realm of useless piles of words —which, let me say it, is not per se a fault of the commentators themselves.

So, while the discomfort with the state of comments remains, comments are possible now nonetheless. It is not an ideal state, I reckon, but given that I do not have all the time I would like to write articles, I hope the readers could keep the thoughts going. Currently there is no appropiatte way to integrate comments into the flow of the post; what that means is that comments appear as the mere tail of an article —while the same article stares, vertically, at them from above—. And so the article does not keep evolving horizontally through the way of comments and the replies of the author. Comments should find a way to grow horizontally around the post, while the replies of the author keep the flow of the article —not necessarily updating it endlessly, which would be a very unfortunate case.

I wrote in the contact page: What I write here is intended to be read; that kind of goes without saying but —given that I do not allow comments on my articles— I wanted to des-egocentric-fy the appearance of this place. There are no comments in this journal but that does not mean I do not encourage fruitful discussions. I encourage a horizontal discussion, one in which you reply to me by writing another article in your own journal. That gives us more room for developing a discussion a la letter-to-letter.

The thing with it is that it is not real. No discussion will develop like this, at least not until this site establishes a bit. So, without further drum-rolls, I open comments —retrospectively as well— on this site retreat myself to laugh about a woebegone pawn. Yes. That is indeed a perfectly suiting title.